I’ll stand by you in every step of your motherhood from the early stage of your pregnancy till weaning.

I’ll support you with the appropriate preparation for breastfeeding through your pregnancy.

I’ll help you assert your rights at birth and gain respect during birth giving.

I’ll support you the first days of your baby’s new life so as to ensure the right attachment to the breast, adequate transfer of milk, smooth transition to motherhood with the care and the practices that are a true necessity and not socially imposed.

We’ll work together so as breastfeeding becomes a pleasant experience for you and your newborn with no pain.

If you already have a baby and breastfeeding comes with pain and difficulty, we can work together to correct your posture, confront the pain aiming to eliminate the cause of it.

If milk letdown is inadequate to cover the baby’s needs we can plan actions that will ensure sufficient nutrition of the infant and simultaneously boost your milk production. This usually includes more breastfeeding plus pumping milk from the breast, or supplementary feeding on the breast.

There is always the possibility of online sessions to support all mothers anywhere in the world.


In case of a twin or multiple pregnancy I can guide you to effectively tackle the increased every day needs and complexities.

If you have already been separated from your baby (premature birth, medication e.t.c ) and going back to breastfeeding is hard, we can try together. The refusal of most babies to go back to breastfeeding can be overcome with persistence and guidance.

Prenatal session, and sessions during the first days of the newborn aim to create the ideal breastfeeding conditions. As a result, problems can be prevented. At the event of breastfeeding problems, two sessions are usually enough to resolve the case in the best way possible.


  • Discussion about labour concerns
  • Knowledge of your rights during labor
  • Learning the importance and the meaning of the first hour of your newborn’s life.
  • Explanation of the breast’s functions in a simple way.
  • Experimenting various breastfeeding positions using a special doll –same size and weight as a real baby- to build postpatrum self-confidence.
  • Tips for right latching on the breast.
  • Truths and myths about breastfeeding.


I’ll stand by you in every step of your motherhood from the early stage of your pregnancy till weaning.


  • Spending time on birth experience.
  • Examination of baby’s oral cavity and breastfeeding reflexes.
  • Trying out various breastfeeding positions, making right corrections to achieve the most comfortable breastfeeding position. The right attachment to the breast can effectively succeed in comfort for the mother and adequate milk letdown.
  • If a breast pump is needed, a plan to accommodate our goal, such as a creation of a milk bank, more milk production e.t.c, will be made.
  • If you already use a breast pump we can once pump milk together to make sure of the right usage. (right funnel size, pump power)
  • Dealing with special difficulties you encounter in the best way possible.
  • Updating your pediatrician on your condition can lead to a beneficial cooperation.


When the time comes to end your breastfeeding journey you won’t be alone. Every breastfeeding bond is unique and there are no right weaning methods. Your needs and choices will be discussed to figure out the best way for you and the baby as far as weaning is concerned through love and respect.


If your baby’s circle of life was short, I’ m right here for you.